Summer Tubing

I might as well share more of my edits I have made over the years with you. So for this installment, I actually have an entire series.

Every year, when the sun is out, its 90 degrees, we have campfires and volleyball parties every weekend and we drink more beer then we thought possible.. we always end up at my good friend Jared’s lake house. For most people, going to a lake house is relaxing and enjoyable. Well fuck that noise. When we are at Jared’s place, shit gets real. We play card games where tables break in half due to frustration, we play ultimate frisbee or football where friendships are put on the line and if you don’t walk away with blood on your hands, you know you didn’t play hard enough. But the most brutal (yet exciting) part of the lake house is the tubing. Where you learn quickly that Jared’s dad is not a nice man and he makes it his mission to make sure you fall off of that tube. When he comes to pick up your practically dead body out of the water – you better be gasping for air or moaning with pain because that’s all he’s looking for.

As you will see in the videos below, this is just a sneak peak of what’s it like being dragged on an inflatable device by a mad man on a boat – with more horsepower than he should ever have. Also, you will notice the videos get progressively getting worse as you work your way down. I like to see it as a time line of my movie editing just improving throughout the years. Enjoy.


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