For the next chapter of my amazing edits, we have our group’s vacations down to Playa Del Carmen, Mexico. To give you a little background of “our group”.. we like to call ourselves: The Amish. Why? Because we all live in the middle of Bumblefuck, Rhode Island and all we basically do is drink and have bonfires as often as possible. Easy.

So as a group, we try to go on one vacation together, at least once a year. Our most common tripĀ is going to Outer Banks, NC. But sometimes we like to get a little crazy and leave the US of A. Which brings me to these videos I have before you, when we went to Mexico! We stayed at an all inclusive resorts and literally just chilled out for the most part. What you will see in these videos are the excursions we did outside of our resort throughout our week stays. Enjoy.


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