Sad Endings, Yet New Beginnings

As some parts of my life are slowly coming to an end, in the next month (or so).. many aspects of life are also changing for the better as well.

First off, it pains me to say, there is no more Bruins Hockey. Linds and I actually decided last minute to drive down to Boston to watch game 6. Don’t get me wrong, we had a fun time! I was actually able to purchase some beers this time (only a small $50 fee for just four beers). We were able to see the fist bump kid, sing with Rene Rancort, see the Bruins come back to tie the game.. but unfortunately watch them get a stupid penalty and lose in OT. We tried to make the best of it afterwards, we went to a couple bars had some drinks and apps, but nothing could really get the loss out of my mind. Linds did however, almost get in a bar fight with a dude pushing his “sister” through the bar window. Welcome to Boston. I guess now I need to start paying attention to the Red Sox, since I really don’t give two shits about the Celtics or basketball in general.

As for a big change that is happening – I am finally leaving my dreadful call-center job, to start a new opportunity in a field I actually want to develop a career in: sales, marketing and advertising. The craziest part of all this is, I get to start my journey down in North Carolina. I’ll be starting an internship with a well known company and simply grow from there. Thankfully, Linds will be joining me on this adventure as she starts her own awesome internship. We plan on documenting the whole experience – with our traveling, exploring and gallivanting where ever we go.

As my life changes for the better; growing as a person, improving myself in every way that I can and ultimately making myself happier.. I can’t say the same is happening with my friends. Two of them suckers are getting married like a bunch of losers. All joking aside, it’s crazy to me that we are in a time that kids that I’ve known since second grade, are now taking a huge leap and tying the knot.  I wish my friends the best the luck and hope they don’t end like the schmucks that only do as their wife says. As for me, I am no where even close to considering that step in my life. I think I would rather travel the world, and enjoy my life with someone I care about.. without spending the money on a stupid piece of paper so the government can tell me it’s okay to be with that person. I’m only 24 (almost 25) I have plenty of life to live my dude. I will however, enjoy the bachelor parties and receptions, so I can dance and drink my face off – this should be a good memorial day weekend.

Well as you can see, this May coming up will be very jam packed and full of crazy adventures. I am a little nervous but I am actually very soupt too. I will make some big changes and see where life takes me. I hope you guys (and by that, I mean the 2 other readers at this point) enjoy this experience with me. Let’s go Sox! And, hopefully football season will be here before we know it.

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